When LuuF announced their launch of “Little LuuF“, I knew my kids needed to be sleeping on something better.
— The MotherChic

When Luft announced their launch of “Little Luft“, I knew my kids needed to be sleeping on something better.
— The MotherChic

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KETO Adapted

"A good mattress needs to fit your body shape and type. That is why LuuF is perfect for my entire family."

—Maria Emmerich,
Health and Wellness Expert,
Keto Adapted

Forever Frekled

"Little LuuF is a fantastic option for those who are looking for safe mattresses for their kids."

—Katie Friedman,
Pediatrician, Forever Freckled

NC Sports

"When players at NC Sports got these beds, their feedback was so positive I had to get one too. Love it. While I may not be a star athlete, I've been sleeping like one ever since."

—Neil M. Cornrich,
President/Owner, NC Sports


"My passion became a new purpose: to provide safe, affordable sleep products and educate people on safe sleep."

Just Posted

"I could not recommend this company more!!"

How Does She

"Convenient, affordable, and the safest mattress on the market."

Ruthie Ridley Blog

"I'm bummed we're just discovering this one of a kind brand."

Queen of the Beely

"Amazing value and a lot of mattress for the price."

Sleep Sherpa

"One of the best hybrid mattress brands in 2019."

Our Sleep Guide

"LuuF knows all the ins and outs of how to make a great mattress."

Real Mattress Reviews

"Amazing value and a lot of mattress for the price."


"Every Luft bed is made in the USA with locally sourced, safe materials."

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Press From People You Know

"The LuuF bed has been wonderful. I must say that I had my doubts about a bed in a box but have been pleasantly surprised at how soundly the bed has allowed me to sleep. It’s a great product and I will recommend it to anyone in the market for a new Mattress. Thank you so much!"

Ozzie Smith,
Baseball Hall of Fame

"It is a GAME CHANGER! This mattress was created for side sleepers (that’s me!) that need a little bit firmer of a feel. It has great pushback, hug, and contour balance! It’s amazing to be able to lay down on a mattress and not immediately have my hips hurt."

Susannah Kellogg,
Blogger, Mother of 3

"My twin boys will never go back to a normal mattress after getting right with Little LuuF!!! Keeping kids safe with an honest company like LuuF is where it's at!"

— Chris Johnson,
Father of 3 and 3X ProBowl Athlete

"Sleep is very important to my recovery, so I knew going into my rookie season I had to find the right bed. I know I chose the right bed because I have been sleeping extremely well on my new mattress. I definitely made the right decision choosing LuuF"

— Devin Bush, Pittsburg Steelers

"Mattress can be full of VOC's, harsh chemicals that off gas and fabrics that belong nowhere near our skin or bedroom. LuuF is great because it's 100% handcrafted in the USA and sourced using local American components."

— Kelly Henderson, Velvet's Edge

"You will get the money back with the energy you give off to people you meet"

— Carmelita Jeter, Fastest Women Alive

"After switching to my new LuuF mattress, I’ve been getting my best sleep ever. As Cornerback for the Houston Texans, I give 100% on the field so I need a mattress that will allow me to get the absolute best rest and recovery — and that is LuuF! Sleep is so important to my performance and there is nothing like my LuuF mattress to help get me ready for the next play."

— Lonnie Johnson, Houston Texans

"Thanks to LuuF Beds, they have the softest mattress and support system and they slept like angels… I’m so impressed that they use locally sourced materials that are certified toxin free so I can trust that my sweet kiddos are breathing easy at night."

Jennifer Maune, Blogger, Mother

"Rest is so crucial for high level athletes, and sleep is something that I’ve always taken extremely seriously. Making the jump to the NBA has been very challenging, but I’ve been extremely well rested everyday thanks to the Luft bed that allows me to sleep like a baby every night"

Ty Jerome, Phoenix Suns

"I love this bed! I fall right to sleep and don't toss and turn as much at night. I fall asleep quicker after a long day."

— Trey Flowers, Detroit Lions

"Sleep is so important to my daily recovery as an athlete. I love my LuuF. It makes me feel like I can fully rest and recover every night."

— TJ Hockenson, Detroit Lions

"I've been sleeping on the LuuF mattress for a few months now and can honestly say it's the best sleep I've ever had. I wake up feeling refreshed, but still have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings because of how comfortable it is. I'm spoiled now, because staying at hotels (even high end ones) is always a downgrade compared to my LuuF at home. I highly recommend this mattress!"

— Jonah William, Cincinnati Bengals

"We loved LuuF so much we got one for every bedroom in our house."

— Lindsay Arnold, Dancing With The Stars

"My LuuF mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. It sinks your soul into it once you lay down. It is so relaxing to lay down after a long day of practice and a big game that I don’t want to get back up for hours!!!"

— Greedy Williams, CB Cleveland Browns

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