Luuf Warranty & Returns


Luuf offers a 100 night sleep guarantee. Sleep on your mattress for 21 days to allow your body time to adjust to your new bed. During the remaining nights, if you decide your new mattress isn't the right one for you, then we will send someone to pick it up and give you a 100% full refund. Our Sleep Trial only applies to items purchased directly on this website and certified retail partners with a limit of 3 items per year per household (1 year from order date). If you would like to exchange your Luuf for a different comfort we are happy to allow one exchange per order. In the instance of an exchange, your 100 night sleep trial remains from the date you received your original order. In order for your mattress to be eligible for returns or exchanges, the mattress must be free from stains or other damage. We highly recommend you protect your mattress with a 5 sided waterproof mattress protector to avoid unwanted stains and damage.

We are happy to take back unopened and unused accessories, we only ask you pay for shipping. Please email to set up your return. Unfortunately, due to sanitary reasons we can not take back opened accessories. Accessories include pillows, sheets, protectors, blankets & bedding. We do offer a 30 day comfort exchange on pillows. You can try your pillow for up to 30 days and exchange your opened pillow for a different feel. Pillow comfort trail is limited to one exchange.

The Luuf Platform Bed and Adjustable Base can not be returned or exchanged, and do not qualify for a trial.



Your new Luuf mattress is covered by a 10 year limited warranty (the “Mattress Warranty”).

Luuf warranties that it will, at Luuf’s option, replace the purchaser’s Luuf mattress sold in the Unites States if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or material defect, subject to the limitations in this Warranty. Luuf undertakes no responsibility of the quality of the goods except as otherwise provided in this Warranty. There are no other Warranties beyond Luuf’s Warranty described hereof.

This Mattress Warranty extends to the original purchaser of any Mattress. All Luuf warranties, including any implied warranties, are valid only for the period of time the Mattress is owned by the original purchaser of the Mattress. The “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Mattress Warranty, is the first purchaser of the Mattress from Luuf or a Luuf authorized retailer. Please retain a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. All Luuf limited warranties are not transferable.

The Warranty is valid only if the law tag is attached and the law tag has not been altered or tampered. An attached, unaltered law tag is required to identify the mattress. The Limited Warranty is void if the mattress cannot be properly identified.

A mattress that is packaged in a compressed and rolled manner, also referred to as a “bed-in-a-box” product must be opened within two (2) weeks of receiving the mattress to prevent compression for an extended period of time. A mattress that is compressed for a prolonged period will have structural damage and/or condensation from being packaged for an extended period of time resulting, but not limited to mold, odors, and/or discoloration that is not covered under the Mattress Warranty.

Luuf mattresses are designed to work on a firm surface that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the purchaser’s Luuf mattress and user(s). This Limited warranty is based on tests conducted on Luuf’s mattresses and approved foundations, box springs or bases. If the purchaser uses an inappropriate foundation, box spring or base as determined by Luuf, the Limited Warranty, without limitation will be void. Luuf will require purchaser to provide proof of the quality of the foundation, box spring or base used in conjunction with the mattress if purchaser makes a claim under this Limited Warranty. Any stains, abnormal abuse or unsanitary mattress, as determined by LUuuF will void any Luuf Warranty.

The Limited Warranty covers the following if the mattress has been determined to meet all previous requirements as stated in the Limited Warranty.

Any VISIBLE indentation equal or greater than one and one-half (1.5) inches that is NOT associated from the result of a faulty, improper or unsupportive foundation, box spring or base.

A proper bed frame must provide substantial support for both the mattress, foundation and user(s). A proper bed frame is defined, for the purpose of this Limited Warranty as having a least five to six (5-6) leg support for a Queen, Eastern King, and California King mattress, four (4) leg support for Twin and Full mattresses.

For Queen, Eastern King, and California King slatted style bed frames, there cannot be greater than five (5) inches between each slat in order to provide ample structural support for the foundation and user(s).

Any cosmetic damages to the mattress NOT caused by normal wear and tear and that affects the performance of the mattress.

The Limited Warranty DOES NOT cover:

A normal increase in softness due to normal usage

Comfort preference. Luuf does not make any guarantees on the feel preference of any mattress. Any comfort level description of any mattress is solely provided as a guideline and Luuf does not guarantee the firmness or softness quality of any mattress.

Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or materials, including, but not limited to burns, cuts, tears, and/or liquid damage.

Mold, odors, and/or discoloration caused by abnormal care including, but not limited to liquid spills, improper ventilation, including, but not limited to humid climates and/or areas where the mattress is exposed to excessive water or humidity.

Damage associated with an improper bed frame, foundation, box spring or base as determined by Luuf.

Any sample or floor models, custom made mattresses or mattresses purchased from unauthorized resellers of Luuf.

Mattresses sold by unauthorized retailers or any resellers.

Any approved warranties will be issued a replacement mattress.

This warranty is limited to ONE replacement. The warranty is valid for the original mattress only.