LuuF Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Reviews from side sleepers, back sleepers, rollers, flippers, facedowners and families of all shapes and sizes.

Carmelita Jeter

"I'm a side sleeper and have noticed since I received my LuuF mattress I haven't woken with a sore neck at all! A good night’s sleep can start your day off amazing. You will get the money back with the energy you give off to people you meet."

— Carmelita Jeter

The Motherchic

"We are beyond thrilled to find a luxurious mattress at an affordable price. And the added bonus is that LUUF is made in the USA with materials that are safe with absolutely zero off-gassing. It arrived to my doorstep in a box and was super easy to bring to our bedroom on the second floor. I love how LUUF takes the time to help each customer find the perfect level of firmness for their individual sleep style. "

— The Motherchic

Lindsay Arnold

"My husband and I had been sleeping on the same mattress he has had since high school. We love LUUF so much that we got one for every bedroom in our house. Now all our guests can enjoy how comfy they are!"

— Lindsay Arnold, Dancing With The Stars

LuuF is one of the best mattresses I have ever slept on. For me, as a WR of the Carolina Panthers, I try and make sure I tackle every single day like it's my last opportunity. When I am traveling during the season, there is nothing like coming home to a nice bed. I would recommend giving the LuuF a try for sure.

—Curtis Samuel
Wide Receiver, Carolina Panthers

I love my LuuF Hybrid Mattress. It helps my body get the best night sleep to be able to go out and perform on the football field at the highest level in addition to being the most comfortable mattress I have slept on.

— Bud Dupree
Pittsburgh Steelers

I did extensive research of many online mattresses & the LuuF seemed to be the biggest bang for the buck. Easy to unpack & install. No more back aches & we sleep the night through. It's only a few weeks old but has been great so far. 100 day return policy is a no brainer!

— Dennis W. (Verified Buyer)

"LuuF is a serious deal. Using quality components and coming in at a low price. This is one mattress option you cannot ignore." @LUFTbeds
RealMattressReview @mattresscoupons

2 weeks in and never looking back. This mattress is so comfortable that I try to stay away from it until bedtime because I never want to leave it. Shipping was fast, set up was super easy. My body melts when I climb in. And it's aesthetically beautiful. I'm sooo glad, after researching so many different mattresses, that we decided on Luuf. Thank you for GOOD SLEEP
— Sara T

This is an amazing mattress and value. I did months of research and spent hours of time reading reviews and testing different types of mattresses in stores before making a decision. If you compare this mattress to the specs of it's competitors, it definitely stacks up...if not beats them on all aspects.
—Dave K

The Sleep Sherpa

LuuF knows how to make a mattress that not only feels great, but looks great and lasts.

Our Sleep Guide

LuuF may be new to the market, but it sure puts all the well-known brands to shame.

Sleep Cupid

LuuF keeps the aches away no matter what your sleeping position you prefer.

LuuF Brand